Council & Schools
In response to the Covid 19 outbreak we have mobilised to support our customers and clients. With the ever moving Government directives we have positioned to source and provide READY NOW AUSTRALIAN sanitising & disinfecting products & services. We already service many 100’s school (state and nationwide), college & public park softfall, play & park equipment so we know our space and what needs to be done…! You now have access to;
  • PRODUCT: hand sanitiser (alcohol free) and
  • SERVICE: hard surface sanitisation (+ check, bunting down ready for relaunch)
Indigenous Communities jump over to Koolangkamia
We do and have undertaken softfall repairs and new installations for Government & Catholic Education Departments, maintenance companies, many many schools, councils and shires nationally.
Need to know more, learn from others, how to design, plan and manage your project…see our image library where we display some of many 100’s of projects we have completed and display how to to do’s.
We work to proven industry standards & benchmarks, providing long lasting, durability, reliability and low cost installation & repair solutions.
Alls good if it looks good at the start…. yet you experience issues 6 months later it may not have been done right at the start….hence Softfallguys and their Alliance Partners install to a standard and proven baselines.
Contact us for a one stop shop that can keep your playgrounds safe and give you peace of mind that that hazard to kids is sorted.
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